2 years of Math and Motivation

The main role of the Regional Department of Education Sofia-city is clear and effective management of the educational system on the territory of the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Our goal is to improve the quality of the education by inspiring the development of innovative and inclusive training tools and supporting their implementation in the school system.

In order to contribute to the achievement of one of Europe 2020 strategy goals, namely reducing the school drop-out to below 10% by 2020, we joined forces with organisations and institutions from six other countries and worked very hard to achieve its aim to improve basic skills of secondary school students in the sphere of maths and sciences and reduce dropout rate in Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

During the first year of the project duration the partnership designed the Toolkit for teachers (the first intellectual output) consisting of two integral parts: the stepping stone of the project – the Collaborative learning methodology and the Curriculum with 28 lesson plans aiming to improve literacy, mathematics and science skills of high school students.

The Toolkit for teachers was presented to representatives of the target group in November 2018 during the national cascade training in Sofia which gathered 26 teachers from 18 schools. The aim of this event was to familiarize the participants with the product and to engage them in the further project implementation. The participants were asked to create lesson plans under the Collaborative Methodology Model as well as to provide some good practices. At the closing part of the training another questions and answers session was held as well as discussion and debate for receiving a professional feedback on the methodology, any suggestions and possibilities of its implementation in classes.

During the second year of the project the partnership created the Collaborative learning e-platform which was tested in all partner countries. The pilot testing process in Bulgaria started in June 2019 shortly before the end of the school year. The M&M platform was tested by 3 teachers and 63 students. According to their feedback the lessons were differing from the usual class lessons and activities and were much more interesting. The students were satisfied and very impressed by the used unstandardized framework of the lesson. The teachers reported that the most important and useful feature for them is the ability to receive immediate feedback. Every teacher and student who tested the platform finds the tool very innovative, interesting and engaging.

We’ve been happy to coordinate Math&Motivation project during the last 2 years. We believe that the created products – the Toolkit for Teachers and the Collaborative learning platform will be incredibly useful for both teachers and students not only from Sofia, but from Bulgaria and Europe.