Final Math&Motivation meeting in Spain

On 4th and 5th July 2019 in the beautiful and hot city Valencia, Spain the partners of Math & Motivation project gathered for the final project meeting. The event was kindly hosted by Instalofi Levante S.L. (FyG Consultores), the Spanish partner in the project. The meeting was attended by representatives of all organizations. The main focus of the partners meeting was the overview of the work done during the last two years as well as the produced products. All partners presented the results of the national pilot testing of the Collaborative Learning E-tools platform – feedback from teachers and students; suggestions for improvements; comments on the features and fine-tuning. The overall feedback was excellent – the final users were satisfied with the quality of the platform. The general impression is positive – both teachers and students find the platform innovative, interesting and user friendly. There were some minor technical issues mentioned by some partners which were carefully noted and will be taken care of within the next few weeks by the Polish partners from DANMAR.

Other important focus of the event were the presentations of the multiplier events planned in the project application. Some partners already performed them but for the majority the promotional events were forthcoming. The specifics concerning the organization of those events were presented in details by the project coordinator – aim, participants, organization, topics to be covered, activities, logistical arrangements and last but not least – the required documentation needed for reporting.

Other important issues that were discussed during the meeting were related to the technical implementation of the project – documents needed for the preparation of the final report; remaining dissemination activities; evaluation and quality assurance. Important deadlines and tasks were discussed and set in order to have a clear and precise working plan for the final stages of the project. The partners also dedicaded a session to discuss the project sustainability and post-development. Some draft ideas for continuation and improvement of the products were presented and the partners will come to them after the start of the next school year.