Math&Motivation innovative learning platform is launched

The second year of Math&Motivation project was almost entirely dedicated to the creation, testing and fine-tuning of intellectual output 2 – Collaborative learning e-tools platform which brings the Collaborative methodology directly into the classroom. The finalized draft of the M&M platform was presented during the third partners meeting in Portugal on 4th-5th March 2019. All participants gave their feedback on it as well as some suggestions for improvement. Due to the upcoming end of the school year in all countries the partners agreed to start the creation of learning subjects and sessions immediately after the meeting.

The platform is based on the Collaborative learning methodology created under the first project intellectual output. It provides all necessary online features for the teachers to create learning content and assessment methods under any school subject.

According to the internal testing and the pilot implementation with the target groups the platform is innovative, interesting and user friendly. The overall feedback was excellent – the final users were satisfied with the quality of the platform. The students enjoyed a lot being involved in the testing. They liked the fact that the platform is intuitive and every step was clearly defined. The idea the platform to be used to assist the formative assessment of skills and knowledge on certain subjects was very well accepted both by students and teachers. The students thought this activity is fun and a nice alternative of the regular formal activities used in class. The teachers who took part in the pilot testing were very active and performed the activities very thoroughly. Their general impression is that the platform is very useful and although not applicable in every class (as not every class can be carried out with the use of computers) they consider it has great potential to be used in crucial moments of the academic year mainly during formative assessment of students’ knowledge. The platform could also be used to teach new learning material in new and attractive way. Inevitably, during the pilot testing some technical bugs appeared in almost all countries, but they were immediately solved by the IT partners from Poland. These minor problems served also as a base for improving some of the platform features, thus making it even more useful for the final users.

The online tool is available in all partnership languages (BG, IT, HR, PL, PT, ES, RO) and English and is freely accessible. Any teacher is able to use the platform after a registration with a valid email address and password on the following link –