Math&Motivation meeting 3 in Portugal

On 4th and 5th March 2019 in Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal, EPRALIMA_Escola Profissional do Alto Lima hosted the third partners meeting of M&M project. The event was attended by representatives of all partner organizations. The main aim of the meeting was the partners to discuss the results and findings from the national cascade trainings and to plan in details the creation of the collaborative learning e-platform – functionalities, content, testing plan and other activities.

The meeting was kindly opened by the hosting organisation – EPRALIMA making the partners feel welcomed in their premises. The first topic from the agenda was presentation and discussion of the results from the interim report to the Bulgarian NA. The project coordinators from RDE Sofia-city made an overview presentation of the work done till this moment of the project lifetime, the created products and the future activities. The next session was dedicated to reporting on the national cascade trainings, organized in each partners’ countries – detailed presentation, feedback received. The most important part of the meeting was the discussion on the next project intellectual output, namely the Collaborative e-learning platform: the draft version, key functionalities and interface were presented by Danmar Computers, which was followed by very comprehensive discussions and collecting feedback and comments from all parrticipants. The partners needed some time also to plan the implementation of the future activities related to the finalisation of the platform (internal testing and pilot testing with the target group – teachers and students). Due to the upcoming official end of the school year in all partner countries, the partners needed very strict work plan and deadlines in order to be able to perform the testing with students. As usual the final sessions of the meeting were dedicated to the project technical implementation – financial issues, upcoming deadlines, the Q&A session, evaluation and quality assurance, review of set deadlines and planning further dissemination of project results.