M&M in Croatia – Our M&M Story

The aims of the project M&M, which has started in September 2017, have been to reduce school drop-out rate, the development of collaborative learning methodology, the creation of collaborative learning e-tools, and to increase students’ motivation and improve their learning achievements. To accomplish above mentioned aims, the project partners have designed an M&M e-platform applying M&M methodology.

During the first phase of the project, partners have created M&M methodology and then math and science teachers through Cascade Trainings disseminated it among colleagues. They didn’t only explain the methodology but also show concrete on-class examples that could be used in classroom.


Picture 1. National Cascade Training in STŠO

After the platform was set for testing, two math teachers from Engineering Technical School Osijek (STŠO) held testing with 3 different classes. None of the students or teachers had problems while using the platform, i.e. they both said that it is pretty much user-friendly and easy to register and to follow the steps of the lesson (initial test, forming groups, etc.). One of the positive things for students were directions provided for each phase and that they knew what is next that should be done. Furthermore, they also really liked using it, methodology (especially all variants of forming groups) was easily comprehensive, and the idea of using it as a formative assessment was good.

On the other hand, teachers have said that the platform has enormous potential for formative assessment because of achieved learning outcomes review. However, they have recommended there should be some kind of classroom management where teachers would have all the information about one student and his results in one place (e.g. in one table).

The last part of the project was to organize a multiplier event to share the project results (M&M methodology and M&M platform) to other math and science teachers from the area. The teachers were content with a new innovative way of teaching and they are looking forward to use it in the following school year.

Picture 2 & 3. Multiplier event in STŠO