M&M in Italy: Diary of a pioneering adventure

September 13rd, 2017: kick off meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria. We meet our partners: Bulgarians, Croats, Poles, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. We come into contact with educational systems that are different from ours. We are very impressed by organization and celebration for the beginning of school year in Bulgaria. A very popular event for kids, parents and teachers, with a fantastic floral choreography.

November/December 2017: we organize a team of four mathematics teachers to design good practices. Lesson plans will be created, based on the good practices, and later tested in class. Our lesson plans are enriched with those proposed by our partners. We build an archive with multiple activities: flow diagrams, cards, interactive activities, gamification, charades, visual activities, laboratories, etc…

March 2018: LTTA meeting in Pontedera, Italy. More than 30 people working together with the Collaborative Methodology (proposed by Bulgarian partners). Among various activities, the Croatian colleagues show up their Pandora’s box, challenging and amusing. It consists of a box closed by many combination padlocks: each combination is the result of a numerical operation or a mathematical problem. Only those who will open all the padlocks can discover the content of the box!

From June to October 2018: National Cascade Training. Our aim is to disseminate the methodology among colleagues. We start involving all math teachers in our school and the team increases from 4 to 9 teachers. Then we decide to involve support teachers as well. Finally our team is up to 15 teachers. Some of us start testing lesson plans in class: Equations flowchart, Toolbox for functions, What kind of quadrangle is it? and Guess who? are the chosen lesson plans. We share our results during internal meetings. Meanwhile, in September, we attend a meeting in Osijek, Croatia, where all partners report on their national cascade trainings.

March 2019: meeting in Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal. We receive a warm welcome from our Portuguese colleagues. The meeting focuses mainly on the online platform that is going to be released by Polish team. The platform will allow to test the Collaborative methodology, we can’t wait to have it.

May 2019: Online platform is available at the following address: https://mm.erasmus.site/platform . It’s time to test it! Firstly we have to prepare a Learning subject, with all components: Initial test, Activities, Learning outcomes, Final test. The students will perform the initial test, and according to the test results they will be divided into groups, each with its own leader. After doing the specific activities, the final test will show if the learning outcomes are achieved or not by students. It is an hactic activity, because the school year is ending. But Lucasz, our Polish colleague, is disposable 24 hours a day to solve all our problems!

June 2019: last meeting in Valencia, Spain. The weather is pretty hot, but Valencia is the perfect setting for a summer meeting. We discuss mainly about the platform and its testing. Implementations done and future implementations, feedbacks, recommendations, troubleshooting and so on. Each partner gives his/her contribution. This is the last meeting, we are proud for the work done so far, but sad for the ending of this excellent project.

July 25th, 2019: Multiplier event. The event takes place in Villa Maria near Pontedera: 30 people from school, university and educational authorities are here to know the M&M project. We start showing the Collaborative Methodology, the lesson plans, and what we did in class. Then it is the platform’s turn. The guests register in the platform as students, and they perform the whole learning session (from initial test to final one). “Study now, love later”. After a hard work, we have a well-deserved dinner by the pool!