M&M in Poland: What the target group thinks about it? That’s the testing phase!

Works on the M&M project are still in progress! Together with our Partners, we are doing everything in our power to make the tools as useful and effective as possible for both students and teachers. Therefore, we have finished the next phase of work, i. e. testing the methodology and M&M platform.

The process began on 14 May and ended on 7 June and took place in two primary schools: in Jasło and Nowa Wieś. The participants of the study were 2 mathematics teachers and a total of 50 students of 7th grade from two different schools. The teachers were heavily involved in this event and started preparations a few days before the actual test with the students. They prepared various materials, exercises and tests. The teachers worked on that together, because they wanted to compare the perception of the same topic in two different classes in order to have a more complete information of the effectiveness of the tools tested.

Due to the lack of sufficient number of computers, the classes were divided in half. The testing itself (with each group) took two days. On the first day the students did the test and activities, and on the second day, they continued to do the exercises and presentations, and at the end they did the final test. In addition, two of the all students in each group used phones instead of computers. It was a intentional activity to see how mobile devices work with methodology.

What was the feedback? Despite the initial, small problems with understanding the process, after explanations, the activities were assessed high. The general impression of the platform and methodology was very positive. The tools have been found to be innovative approach of teaching, motivating way of teaching and user-friendly, among others by the easy to use this platform. The comments and suggestions were very valuable for us, we will certainly take them into account!