The first project output is ready: Toolkit for teachers

At the end of summer 2018 finished the work on the creation of the first intellectual product under the “Math and Motivation” project – a toolkit for improving math and science skills.

The toolkit consists of two parts – theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is represented by the innovative collaborative methodology for assisting high school teachers. The practical part of the product is a collection of 28 curriculum plans (lesson plans) aiming to improve literacy, mathematics and science skills of high school students. The curriculum has been developed by teachers and pedagogical experts from the project partnership.
Each lesson plan has similar structure:

  • practical information (lesson theme, duration, materials needed, target group, training goals, etc.)
  • structure of the lesson (detailed step-by-step description of the activities of the teacher and the students with the time needed to perform each activity)
  • training materials needed to conduct the lesson

Full versions of the Collaborative Methodology and the Curriculum (Lesson plan collection) can be downloaded from here!